Three Reasons To Buy A Bike From Us

We know there are lots of shops and lots of bikes to choose from. So on top of our three reasons to shop with us and our Loyalty Card and New Bike Gift Vouchers, here are three reasons to buy a bike from us – a free six-week tune-up and annual safety check, priority workshop booking, and a courtesy bike service, that make up the great complimentary workshop package we offer with every new bike…

1. Free Six-Week Tune-Up and Annual Safety Check

Your new bike will be built and checked for you by our mechanics, and be ready to ride. As the new parts bed in though, we provide a free six-week tune-up, so we can make final adjustments and ensure everything is working perfectly. We also offer a free annual safety check for our bikes, where we can check over your bike for you, and recommend any servicing required to keep it running smoothly.

2. Priority Booking Service

Our workshop is also here to help with any servicing and repairs you need throughout the year, but we can get busy at certain times of the year. For emergency repairs on bikes bought from us though, we offer a priority booking service, so when you book just mention it is one of our bikes and we’ll do our best to fit you in.

3. Courtesy Bike Service

Again for bikes bought from us, if it is an emergency and we can’t get you up and running straight away (e.g. if a part has to be ordered, or sent away for repair), then if you’re going to miss an important ride, we’ll provide a courtesy bike for you to ride in the meantime if we can.