Bike Parts For Africa

Make a bit of space in your loft or shed, by getting rid of all the old parts you’ve replaced and are saving for just in case, but will probably never use again!

The idea is that, for example, a tyre or chain that has reached the end of it’s useful working life in the mud of Surrey, will still be very useful to people in dry and dusty Namibia, using their bikes more lightly, often as their only way to get to work and school.

We take all the old parts from our workshop to Re-Cycle in Colchester, who organise shipping them on to the BEN Namibia charity. We make regular trips over the year, so if you’ve got parts you’d like to donate then you’re welcome to drop them off with us at any time.

Give us a call on 01306 885007 or drop us an email if you’ve got stuff to send but want to check it’s worth sending first (the answer will almost certainly be yes!), and if you want to find out more about the charities involved check out the Re-Cycle and BEN Namibia websites.

Please note that due to a change in premises and storage space, we can no longer take complete bikes, just spare parts. If you are in the Dorking area and have storage space for bikes, please get in touch!