Cycling Getting Started

New to Cycling?

If you’re new to cycling, there can seem like a lot of things to work out – how to set your bike up, what accessories you need, even how to ride it! So to help get you started, we’ve put some information together which we hope you find useful. If there’s anything more you want to know though, just drop us an email, give us a call, or call by the shop, we’re here to help.

Bike Set Up & Care

Getting your bike set up just right for you, and looking after it, will make all the difference to enjoying riding it.

Essential Accessories

There can be a bewildering array of different things to buy when new to cycling, so find out here exactly what the most important accessories are to keep you riding comfortably and safely.

Riding Tips

It can be pretty daunting setting out on a bike for the first time, with lots to think about all at once, especially when the riding gets a bit technical. So here are a few bits of advice to help you along.