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Trek Project One

Custom building your new bike has always been the most attractive way to do it, and something we're big fans of - you get exactly what you want, and it's unique to you. But it comes at a price, you always get more for your money with an off-the-peg bike.

Until now that is.

With Trek's innovative Project One programme, you can design your own bike, and it'll cost you no more than an off-the-peg one. Choose the spec you want - frameset, groupset, wheels, stem and bars, and then the fun bit... get creative, and choose your paint scheme, saddle colour, even bar tape and cable colour. The limit really is your imagination.

If this sounds like the way you'd like to choose your next bike, then you can head to Trek's Project One site and start playing with their online design tools. Or better still, call by the shop, and then we can sit down with a cup of tea, and create your new bike together.

With so many options to choose from, it's best to book an appointment so we can make sure we've got time to work through everything. So give us a call on 01306 885007 or drop us an email, and we'll look forward to building your new bike with you.