The 2016 End of Year Wrap Up Post

As we head towards the end of another year, and our thoughts might be turning from pedalling to eating, drinking and sitting on the sofa, we thought it would be an opportune time to offer a bit of inspiration with a round up everything we’ve been up to recently…

Electric Bikes – Forget the image of a hay bale sized battery strapped to a pannier rack, electric bikes are now parred down, light, and reliable. Electric bikes let you ride faster, further, and longer, and get up the steepest of hills. Come and give them a try for yourself, we’re running a mountain bike and an men and women’s hybrid as demo bikes.

Kids Bikes – We’ve also added a range of kids bike to our shop floor, with four sizes covering every age from first bike until they’re ready for an adult bike. Add one to their Christmas list, it’ll be more fun than an iPad!

In fact it’s been a great year all-round for our bikes, with Trek releasing new Fuel EX and Domane ranges, (in our opinion) the perfect bikes for Surrey’s trails and lanes respectively.

Winter Makeovers – Don’t forget we’re running our special workshop rates through the winter for three hour plus winter makeover services. If you want to keep the motivation up to carry on riding through winter then a flawlessly working bike will help, or if your best bike goes into hibernation over winter then get it ready to go for Spring.

Don’t Get Socks Again – Still need to give your nearest and dearest some present ideas? Then here are four reasons to send them to Head For The Hills to avoid getting socks again.

New Year’s Resolution – And finally, need an idea for next year’s resolution? Then how about giving up Strava – Rog did. You never know, you might just give your riding a new lease of life.

So thanks as always to everyone that’s shopped with us this year, a landmark year for us in fact, as we notched up ten years. We’ve had lots of fun over our first decade, and hope we can look forward to a few more ahead of us.

Have a great Christmas, and if you’re heading into 2017 worrying about the uncertainty of how we might exit the EU or what Donald Trump will do, remember if it all gets too much, you can always just grab your bike and go for a ride!

The Head For The Hills Team – Dan, Rog, Jamie, Nick, Euan, Cameron