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19-28mm; Road
MPN: 360.CHTU80001

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Latex inner tubes: Used in all high end tubular thanks to their low rolling resistance. Thinner and more flexible than butyl tubes. The use in open tubulars increases comfort and lowers rolling resistance. Latex is also more resistant to punctures. On the other hand it is a porous material therefore it requires daily inflation.
Please note: We caution riders considering the use of latex tubes with carbon clincher wheels. Carbon rims do not dissipate heat as well as aluminum and prolonged braking such as on long descents may lead to hot spots along the braking surface. This increased heat can damage the latex material leading to a failure. Before combining a latex tube with a carbon clincher rim consider your riding conditions your riding experience and consult with your local retailer. With proper braking skilled riding and proper installation latex tubes will be extremely strong reliable and a great added benefit.


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