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The New Trek Fuel EX Range

Launched in 2005, Trek's Fuel EX is a year older than our shop, and from the day we opened our doors, it's always been our best-selling, just-right, full-suspension trail bike, the perfect all-rounder for the great mixture of trails we're lucky enough to have on our doorstep in the Surrey Hills. So for the new range, we're excited to reveal it's had a bit of a makeover, with some interesting changes...

More Travel Firstly, both the 29" and 27.5" wheeled versions have had their travel upped by 10mm this year, to give you a little more comfort and control - so the 29 has 130mm front and back, with the 27 getting a generous 140mm on the front.

Plus Sized Tyres Even more interesting than the increase in travel is the addition of 2.8" wide 'plus-sized' tyres for the 27.5" version. Designed to be run tubeless at low pressures (15-20 psi), you'll get grip and traction beyond anything you've experienced before.

Swappable Wheel Sizes Here's the really clever bit, the 29 and 27.5" models actually use the same frame, so whichever model you go for, you can swap beween 29er wheels, regular 27" wheels and 27 Plus tyres - three bikes in one!

Stiffer Wheels Both the 29 & 27 bikes now come with the wider-hubbed Boost standard wheels, 148mm rear, 110mm front, for a stiffer wheel that paired with the longer travel will let you push the bike a little bit further. 

Adjustable Geometry The reversible Mino Link plate in the suspension pivots allows you to quickly and easily change the bottom bracket height and head angle - slack and low or tight and high, depending on how and where you want to ride. 

Put all that together, and you've got a seriously capable, versatile bike. Add in the other tried and tested Trek-specific technologies carried across too, and we think this keeps the Fuel EX at the top of the pile for full-suspension trail bikes.

There are thirteen models in all across the two wheel sizes, including three Women's versions, starting with the £1550 EX 5 29, up to the £6200 EX 9.9 29. We've got both the Fuel EX 8 27 Plus and Fuel EX 9 29 as demo bikes (listed below, with some first ride photos of the 27 Plus), so you don't need to take our word for it, come and try them for yourself - give us a call or email to book your demo ride today.