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Road & Adventure Bikes

We stock road bikes from Trek. The Performance Emonda range provide a more lively, engaging ride, whereas the Endurance Domane Range provide a very stable, sure-handling platform, ideal for longer rides and all-year use. For the road rider that doesn't always want to stay on the road, then there's also the Checkpoint range, drop-bar bikes with a more relaxed geometry and room for wider off-road tyres - a genuine option for a do-it-all, ride everywhere bike.

Loyalty Card and New Bike Gift Vouchers

Don't forget, with every new bike (excluding sale bikes), we give you a free new bike gift voucher, and we also have a Loyalty Card so you can carry on saving, with up to 10% off clothing and accessories.

Model / Size Availability

The bikes shown below are the models and sizes we have on the shop floor, built up and ready to ride away. If you need a different size, or are interested in another model from Trek, these are available to order with 1-2 days delivery time. Give us a call or an email and we'll be happy to help.

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