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Road & Adventure Bikes

We stock two brands of road and adventure bikes, Trek and Genesis.

The Trek range comes in two frame platforms - the Endurance Domane Range and the Performance Emonda range - with both platforms offering aluminium and carbon frame options, to suit your budget and riding needs.

The geometry of the Performance Race bikes provide a more lively, engaging ride, whereas the Endurance Race bikes provide a very stable, sure-handling platform, ideal for longer rides and all-year use. We've got Emonda and Domane demo bikes, so decide for yourself which is the right bike for you.

Adventure bikes are essentially drop-bar bikes with a more relaxed geometry and room for wider off-road tyres, For the road rider that doesn't always want to stay on the road, it really is a genuine option for a do-it-all, ride everywhere bike. We stock Genesis' Adventure bikes, as well as Trek's Crockett cyclocross bike, and have four different demo bikes, So if this is a style of riding you're interested in trying, come and give them a test ride.

And if you’re after something a little more bespoke, check out our made-to-order steel frames from Jaegher, to custom build into your perfect bike.

Loyalty Card and New Bike Gift Vouchers

Don't forget, with every new bike (excluding sale bikes), we give you a free new bike gift voucher, and we also have a Loyalty Card so you can carry on saving, with up to 10% off clothing and accessories.

Demo Bikes

We think it’s really important to be able to try bikes before you buy. Any of our bikes in the shop are available for a short test ride around the block, but we also run demo bikes that you can take out for a full day’s ride, to really test them out.

This year we’re running seven different road and adventure demo bikes. If you’d like to book one, please give us a call or email to check availability and for more details.

Model / Size Availability

The bikes shown below are the models and sizes we have on the shop floor, built up and ready to ride away. If you need a different size, or are interested in another model from Trek and Genesis, these are available to order with 1-2 days delivery time. Give us a call or an email and we'll be happy to help.

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2019 Trek Domane AL 4


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2019 Trek Émonda ALR 5


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Genesis Fugio


Was £2,000.00

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Genesis Croix de Fer 30


Was £1,800.00