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Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes can be split into two sections, hardtail and full-suspension. Hardtails only have suspension at the front, in the forks, whereas full-suspension also have a rear shock, for more technical riding.

Trek’s 'regular' hardtails for all-round riding have three frame ranges - MarlinX-Caliber and Procaliber. These use the Smart Wheel Size system, so the wheel size changes with frame size. For the smaller sizes (XS and small) that’s a 27.5” wheel, and for medium and above, a 29” wheel. This gives you the fastest, most efficient bike for each size, without compromising the handling. For more playful hardtail riding Trek's Roscoe range is a great option, with a longer travel fork and wider plus-sized tyres for extra grip.

Progressing to full-suspension, with increasing amount of travel we've got the Trek Supercaliber, Top Fuel, Fuel EX and Remedy options all available as demo bikes. It's really important to test ride a full-suspension before buying to decide which style works best for you, so call by the shop, check out the options, and get your test ride booked.

And finally, if you want a bit of extra help to go further, faster or steeper, then come and give a Trek Powerfly or Rail electric bike a test ride.

Loyalty Card and New Bike Gift Vouchers

Don't forget, with every new bike (excluding sale bikes), we give you a free new bike gift voucher, and we also have a Loyalty Card so you can carry on saving, with up to 10% off clothing and accessories.

Demo Bikes

We think it’s really important to be able to try bikes before you buy. Any of our bikes in the shop are available for a short test ride around the block, but we also run demo bikes that you can take out for a full day’s ride, to really test them out.

Model / Size Availability

The bikes shown below are the models and sizes we have on the shop floor, built up and ready to ride away. If you need a different size, or are interested in another model from Trek, these are available to order with 1-2 days delivery time. Give us a call or an email and we'll be happy to help.

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