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Demo Bikes

If you're looking for a new bike, then riding it first is the best way to make sure it's the right bike for you. You can take any of the bikes in our shop for a spin round the streets of Dorking, but we've also got a number of demo bikes you can take out for a full day's ride on the roads and trails. Ride them uphill, downhill, through the singletrack, get them muddy, whatever you need to do to find out if it's your next bike.

There is a demo fee of £50, which is a one-off payment that allows you to test as many bikes as you want as many times as you want, and is deducted from the sale price if you buy a bike.

Here's a list of our current demo fleet. Pick which one (or ones!) you'd like to try, and give us a call on 01306 885007 or drop us an email to book your test ride.

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