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Bike Floor Pumps

The Bontrager reCharger is a great starting point, and will do the job perfectly well. The Bontrager Charger is a slightly more durable pump, so a good contender for an upgrade if you’ve got lots of bikes and do lots of pumping, and also runs a bit more easily at the higher pressures of a road bike.

The Lezyne Steel Floor Drive also works well at high pressure, and has a screw on valve head, giving a firm engagement and making it less likely to damage the valve. It also has a lovely tactile wooden handle, these things are important.

The Bontrager Flash Charger is designed to inflate tubeless tyres, and is a firm favourite in our workshop. You charge up the barrel, and then release the air into the tyre in one go, with a rush of air to seat the tyre on the rim. We were sceptical, but it really does work. So if you’re struggling to seat your tubeless tyres, save yourself and trip to the petrol station to use the compressor, and invest in one of these, you won’t regret it.

Unconditional Bontrager Guarantee - all Bontrager pumps come with a 30-day trial period, if you don’t like it, return it for a no-quibble refund.

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