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  • Wednesday 22nd November 2017

It's Winter Makeover time again. Back by popular demand after last winter...

What’s your plan for your best bike this winter – are you keeping it running through the mud and grime, or is it going into hibernation in the shed until Spring? Either way, now’s the perfect time to treat it to a Winter Makeover.

What’s a Winter Makeover? It’s the full works. Here’s what we do :-

- replace all gear and brake inner and outer cables
- dismantle, clean and reassemble headset, bottom bracket and hubs, replacing bearings if required
- remove, deep clean and refit chain, cassette, chainset, derailleurs and brake calipers
- replace brake fluid in hydraulic brakes
- replace brake pads
- set up and tune in gears and brakes perfectly
- service suspension forks and rear shock, replacing oil and seals
- check suspension pivots, replacing bearings if required
- true and tension wheels

Why is now the time to do it? If you’re keeping your bike running, it’ll keep everything running smoothly and well sealed, to protect it from the worst of the weather and prevent future expensive repair bills. If you’re putting it in the shed, it’ll be in perfect condition when it comes back out again in Spring!

And now’s also the time to do it because we’re running a 25% Off Special Offer on Winter Makeovers, with a reduced hourly labour rate of £45 from our standard rate of £60. The time taken varies according to the type of bike and work required, but will typically be 3-5 hours.

So give your bike the love it deserves, help keep Jamie and Nick busy with the spanners this winter, and give us a call or email today to book in your Winter Makeover.

Dan, Jamie, Nick, Dean, Euan, Alistair, Archie – The Head For The Hills Team