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The rapid growth in the road bike scene in recent years has created an explosion of new bike ‘brands’, that just stick their name on the side on a generic, available to anyone carbon frame mass-produced in the Far East. Some ride well, most not so well, but they all look the same, and all lack any character or soul.

And then there are jewels in the bike world like Jaegher. Luc and Diel Vaneenooghe are third and fourth generation frame builders, still working from the same workshop since 1934, in Ruislede, in the Belgian cycling heartland of Flanders. Perfected over eighty-odd years, they do one thing, and one thing only - make beautifully crafted steel road frames.

Jaegher Interceptor frame

The Lugged Phantom, the TIG welded Interceptor or stainless Ascender, each one is made to order from Columbus steel, and made to measure, so will fit you like a perfectly tailored suit. You choose your paint scheme, and can even add your own message to the top tube. An individual frame that will truly be yours, and be yours for a lifetime.

Give us a call on 01306 885007 or drop us an email, and we’ll help you start creating your Jaegher with a bike fit session to get your perfect Jaegher fit.

Jaegher Further Reading

Jaegher’s creativitity extends from their frames to their website, there are lots of beautiful images of their frames, and interesting articles that show what they stand for.

We’d also highly recommend a visit to their Vimeo site, start with this video about the company, there are also some nice films showcasing their bikes, and an extraordinary series of artwork for each of the 21 stages of the centenary Tour de France, starting with Stage 1.

Jaegher Interceptor

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