If you buy parts online will we fit them for you in our workshop? YES!

This is a question we’re getting asked more and more frequently. People are often surprised by our answer, and even sometimes a bit uncomfortable when asking, so we thought we ought to make it clear – yes we do, and don’t feel uncomfortable asking!

Price matching isn’t an option for us, as the heavily discounted online prices are normally lower than we buy from our suppliers. By way of explanation, they don’t come through the official UK importers that we buy from, but are supplied cheaply in bulk direct from the manufacturer, usually clearing excess stock originally intended to be fitted to bikes.

We sell at RRP (less your Loyalty Card discount), and there are still some good reasons to buy from us, especially if we’re fitting the parts for you :-

  • it saves you the time and hassle of ordering the parts yourself
  • we’ll be able to check compatibilities to make sure it will fit your bike
  • if there are any future warranty issues then we’ll cover the cost of any labour, admin and postage costs involved to sort it out
  • for high-ticket items we’ll normally do free fitting

So weigh up these benefits against the price difference, but if you choose to buy a part that’s heavily discounted online rather from us, we won’t take offence, and we’ll happily fit it for you – give us a call to get your bike and box of bits booked into the workshop!

2018 UPDATE – thanks for all the positive responses to this article, a regular follow up question we’ve been asked is if we’re also happy servicing bikes bought online, to which the answer is again a definitive YES! (and again with no offence taken that you didn’t buy it from us)