Give Yourself A Winter Bike Fit – 25% Off Special Offer

Firstly, Happy New Year to all our customers. Have you made your cycling resolutions for the year ahead yet? A big event or trip, cycling a little further or faster, or maybe just to get out as much as you can and enjoy your bike?

Whatever your plans are, you’ll enjoy it more if you’re sitting comfortably, so to help you kick start your year, we’ve offering our bike fitting service at a 25% off rate of £45 per hour (normally £60 per hour) from now until the end of February.

For the uninitiated, a typical bike fit takes 1-2 hours, during which we’ll review your current set up, then taking into account your riding background and goals, plus any discomfort or issues you may be having, adjust your cleats, saddle and handlebar position to maximise your comfort and efficiency. Even if you’re not experiencing any specific issues at the moment, you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make to enjoying your riding and getting the most from it.

Click if you’d like to read more about our Bike Fitting Service, and give us a call or email to get booked in for our special offer price Winter Bike Fit.

Winter Bike Makeover

Don’t forget we’re also still running our Workshop Winter Makeover special offer until the end of February, a full works 3-5 hour service at a 25% off workshop rate of £45 per hour. So you can book yourself and your bike in, to get you both in perfect working order for the year ahead.

Dan, Rog, Jamie, Dom, Cameron, Euan – The Head For The Hills Team