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Give Your Bike A Winter Makeover – 25% Off Special Offer

Posted on Friday 19th October 2018

It’s been a belter of a summer, but the clocks are going back next week, and winter is on the way, so time to take advantage of our workshop’s reduced labour rate Winter Makeover.

What’s a Winter Makeover? All the rain, mud and road grime makes winter a particularly hard time for bikes, so to keep it running smoothly through to Spring, it’s worth giving it a full service and getting it in top condition now. We’ll assess your bike with you when you drop it in to decide what your bike needs, but it could include :-

- replacing all gear and brake inner and outer cables
- dismantling, cleaning and reassembling headset, bottom bracket and hubs, replacing bearings if required
- removing, deep cleaning and refitting chain, cassette, chainset, derailleurs and brake calipers
- replacing brake fluid in hydraulic brakes
- replacing brake pads
- servicing suspension forks and rear shock, replacing oil and seals
- checking suspension pivots, replacing bearings if required
- truing and tensioning wheels

And now’s also the time to do it because we’re running a 25% Off Special Offer on Winter Makeovers, with a reduced hourly labour rate of £45 from our standard rate of £60 after the first hour. Winter Makeovers normally take 2+ hours (sometimes up to 5 hours), but varies according to the type of bike and work required, so we’ll give you a time estimate when you drop the bike in.

So give your bike the love it deserves, and give us a call or email today to book in your Winter Makeover.

Dan, Jamie, Nick, Dean, Archie – The Head For The Hills Team