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Workshop - Bike Service and Repair

Bike servicing and repair is at the heart of what we do, so our workshop is fittingly centre stage in the middle of our shop - you'll see Jamie and Nick busily spannering away in front of you as you come in through the door. From minor adjustments and repairs to a complete bike service, our Cytech trained mechanics will keep your pride and joy running smoothly all year round.


Our workshop service and repair costs are based on a rate of £60 per hourEvery bike and every job is diferent, so to ensure you're not paying too much, we'll just charge you for the time we take, rather than setting fixed costs for different types of jobs. To give you an idea in advance though, the average time taken to do the most common jobs are...

Minimum Charge - 10 mins / £10

Basic Bike Service - 30-60 mins / £30-60

Full Bike Service - 60-120 mins / £60-120

Gear / Brake Adjustment - 15-30 mins / £15-30

Cable Replacement - 30-45 mins / £30-45

Headset / Hub / Bottom Bracket Servicing - 15-30 mins / £15-30

Brake Bleeding - 15-30 mins / £15-30

Suspension Servicing - 30-45 mins / £30-45

Wheel Truing & Tensioning - 15-30 mins / £15-30

Wheel Building - 60 mins / £60

When you drop your bike off with us, we'll give you a time estimate for the work required, and then keep in email communication with you through the job if further recommendations for work arise.


To book your bike in for service or repair work, just give us a call on 01306 885007 or or send us aemail.

We normally work on a weekend-to-weekend basis, i.e. drop your bike off one weekend, and collect it the following. If you're around Dorking during the week though, we can happily accomodate shorter turnarounds and weekday drop-offs and collections, just let us know your preferred dates when you book it in.

Demand for our workshop time is very seasonal. In Autumn and Winter we can normally take bookings for the same week, but in Spring and Summer, we often have a waiting list of up to 2-3 weeks. During these busier times please do plan in advance if possible to avoid disappontment!

Priority Booking

If you're making a booking during a busier period and it's an emergency repair for a bike or item purchased from us, please mention this, and we'll give you priority and do our best to get you up and running again as quickly as possible, or at the very least try to provide a courtesy bike in the meantime.