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Cycling Nutrition and Body Care

For refuelling during a ride, we prefer bars to gels, as they offer a slower more sustainable release of energy. Try the ZipVit ZV8 Energy Bar, or the staff favourite Clif Bar Natural Energy Bar. If you’ve really hit the wall though, you can go for a fast-hit like the Clif Bar Shot Gel or Shot Blok or ZipVit ZV7 Energy Gel.

To keep hydrated, use the Nuun Electrolyte tablets, ZipVit ZV0 Electrolyte Drink, or Osmo Active Hydration. Osmo is our preference, it’s easiest on the stomach. If you're going for an epic and want to avoid the cramps, top up before the ride with Osmo Preload Hydration too.

If you want to combine your hydration and refuelling, go for an energy drink like the SIS Go or ZipVit ZV1 Energy Drink. We prefer to keep them separate though, so you can rehydrate and refuel independently.

After your ride, get some protein in you to aid recovery – a ZipVit ZV9 Recovery Bar or Osmo Acute Recovery drink.

Finally look after yourself on the outside as well as the inside, with a generous helping of Endura Chamois Cream, or the menthol cool Elite Endurance Chamois Cream.

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  1. SIS Go Electrolyte sachet

    SIS Go Electrolyte sachet

  2. ZipVit ZV8 Energy Bar

    ZipVit ZV8 Energy Bar

  3. Osmo Active Hydration...

    Osmo Active Hydration single serving

  4. ZipVit ZV7 Energy Gel

    ZipVit ZV7 Energy Gel

  5. Clif Bar Shot Gel

    Clif Bar Shot Gel

  6. Clif Bar Natural Energy Bar

    Clif Bar Natural Energy Bar

  7. ZipVit ZV9 Recovery Bar

    ZipVit ZV9 Recovery Bar

  8. ZipVit ZV7N Performance Gel

    ZipVit ZV7N Performance Gel

  9. Clif Bar Shot Bloks

    Clif Bar Shot Bloks

  10. nuun Electrolyte tablets

    nuun Electrolyte tablets

  11. Endura Endura Chamois Cream...

    Endura Endura Chamois Cream One size;BlackNone


    Endura chamois cream is made in the UK from all natural ingredients. it is formulated to provide an anti-bacterial barrier and prevent chafing and soreness. It can also be used post ride to help soothe and heal.

  12. ZipVit ZV0 Electrolyte Drink

    ZipVit ZV0 Electrolyte Drink

  13. ZipVit ZV1 Energy Drink

    ZipVit ZV1 Energy Drink

  14. Osmo Active Hydration

    Osmo Active Hydration

  15. Elite Ozone Endurance...

    Elite Ozone Endurance Chamois Cream

  16. Osmo Preload Hydration...

    Osmo Preload Hydration pineapple & lemon

  17. Osmo Acute Recovery vanilla

    Osmo Acute Recovery vanilla


Showing 1 - 17 of 17 records.

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