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You can have the best bike in the world, but if it's not set up to fit you properly, you're not going to enjoy riding it. That's where our bike fit service comes in.

Whether you're looking to optimise your position on your current bike, get set up on a new bike correctly, or plan out a custom geometry frame build, we can help you.

Everyone's Different

We don't just type your basic dimensions into a computer and tell you where to put your saddle and bars, because everyone's different. Different anatomy, flexibility, range of motion. Different aspirations, fitness, previous injury background.

In our dedicated bike fitting area, using Trek's Precision Fit system we carry out a personalised consultation, which can include an interview, measurement and range of motion assessment. We'll then work with you in a turbo trainer, to find the perfect riding position to suit your needs.


Our bike fitting service is charged at an hourly rate of £60 per hour. A bike fit consultation can take as little as ½ hour, for example to set you up on a new bike, or to focus on a single issue, and up to 2 hours for a full consultation, covering interview, measurements, range of motion; cleat set up; saddle, stem and bar positioning.

To find out more or book a consultation, drop us an email, give us a call on 01306 885007, or call by the shop to talk through what you'd like to achieve from your bike fit session.