Be A Super Commuter

Trek have recently launched a new electric bike range, the Super Commuter, and for a limited time, we’ve got a range-topping Super Commuter 9+ in the shop, available to test ride. As well as Bosch’s longest-lasting battery, with intergrated mudguards and pannier racks, and a bombproof design, it’s got every reason you need to leave the car at home and squeeze a bit more pedalling into your daily routine.

There’s a reason why this area’s called the Surrey Hills, there are lots of hills. Great for going out for a ‘proper’ bike ride, but not always ideal for travelling by bike to get to work, the train station, or nipping into town to run some errands – anywhere you don’t want to be hot and sweaty when you get to the other end.

This is where electric bikes make sense. With pedal-assist power up to 15mph, it turns even the steepest of hills from a maximum heart rate grind to a gentle pedal. And whilst they obviously come with a price premium compared to a ‘standard’ bike, if you factor in a 10-mile commute could be costing you £500-1000 a year in petrol and running costs, or a Dorking train station annual car park ticket is £1000, they don’t take long to pay for themselves.

So if you want to be a Super Commuter, call by the shop to check out our Super Commuter 9+ test bike, or one of our three other electric bikes, all available for test rides.